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Teodor is one of Norway's most experienced young adventurers. During his 29 years he has become the World's youngest to traverse Antarctica, the first Norwegian to traverse Lake Baikal in Siberia, he has skied across Spitsbergen (Svalbard), trekked across Norway and climbed a series of 5- and 6,000 meter peaks in the world.

He has been on three 8000-meter expeditions where he has become the youngest in Scandinavia to summit Mt. Manaslu (8163moh), but he has also been close to losing his life on Mt. Everest during a earthquake 2015.

Teodor will tell you about
the enormous job behind an expedition,
the enormous feeling of reaching a dream,
but also about the enormous disappointment
of getting a dream smashed to smithereens.

Teodor has experience form talks in both English and Norwegian.

"...drawing the audience into his adventures and at conveying inspirational messages about approaches to challenging situations, how to exel in adversity and ways to forge team spirit in a group of diverse people hwo have to unite under a common goal... 

His diverse portfolio of experiences already made and future missions ahed are a solid basis for motivational speeches and workshops in front of various audiences and target groups. We are therefore pleased to recommend Mr. Johansen to any organisation as a keynote speaker."  - UEFA


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